The Creative Management Platform for dynamic video

With our SaaS solution you can create, manage, distribute and optimise dynamic video ads for online video, Digital out of Home and Facebook & Instagram.

Create video

Use automation to generate and scale the most relevant ads for your target audiences with our highly configurable templates

  • Use automation to create and scale the best ads with high pace and low costs

  • With our highly configurable templates it’s easy to quickly generate videos

  • Easily create videos based on multiple data sources such as: feed, csv, crm or contextual data

  • Generate ads that remain consistent on all channels via our integrations

Manage video

Centralise production with our easy to use dashboard to extend the longevity, upscale and update all your videos with ease.

  • Manage alll your video campaigns from one central dashboard

  • Update your videos automatically based on any data source

  • Extend the longevity of your video content with our assetmanager by re-using it for other formats

  • Easily upscale your videos with our templated workflows and bulk editing options

Distribute video

Use one platform to traffic and update your creatives to online video via DSPs, Digital Out-of-Home and Facebook & Instagram.

  • Use one platform to distribute to all channels: online video, social and Out of Home

  • Automatically update and distribute your video campaigns to all channels

  • Use custom and contextual data to distribute the most relevant ads

  • Save time with the right format for the right channel via our adaptive templates

Optimise video

Test, analyse and improve relevance with Dynamic Creative Optimisation

  • Test run your creative messaging with ease and export your data easliy

  • Analyse creatives and increase relevance with the best performing ones via Dynamic Creative Optimisation

  • Analyse campaigns and use those insights to get indepth insights of standard video metrics

  • Use our comprehensive analysis to combine standard video metrics with creative data