Case studies

Mazda increases traffic 3x

10 Jan. 2018

A good collaboration with the dealer network is crucial for the growth of Mazda in the Netherlands. With the introduction of their new model the CX-5, Mazda wanted to bring the on- and offline realm closer by generating local awareness and stimulating visits to its dealerships. 

The challenge? How to be relevant for all 52 Mazda dealerships in the Netherlands with on one video ad.

With a custom made dynamic creative we generated an unique video for each dealership. The video was shown based on the available geo data and the closest dealership,. To set this up we collaborated with performance agency Oogst. The campaign was served via our Facebook API integration and our ad server on both Facebook as well as display (in & outstream).

With the use of dynamic creatives and geotargeting the national campaign became locally relevant on several channels. The campaign got with the use of automation a call to action per dealership without high costs. This resulted in an increase of 30% in the ‘search-a-dealership-sessions’ and an increase of 125% in comparison with a static advertisement.