Dynamic Creative Optimisation for video

Dynamic Creative Optimisation for video is the ultimate way to test, analyse and automatically improve the performance of your dynamic video campaign

Experiment and test with Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO)

You want to reach your audience as effectively as possible with video ads that make an impact. The only way to find out which elements in a video keeps your different audience segments engaged or convert better is to experiment and test

Optimise ad spend

Automatically optimise your campaign to the best performing video

Speed up the creative process

End of final decision making, produce faster without concerns of the performance of your campaign

Get insights

Using Dynamic Creative Optimisation for video will provide you in depth customer insights to take advantage of in your next campaign

Cross channel advantages

Test run your expensive TV campaign and find out which version will win on-air

What is Dynamic Creative Optimisation for video?

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) allows you to test multiple creative versions of your video ad within a target group and automatically optimize it only run the better performing ads. By doing multivariate tests you’ll find the best performing combination within your campaign.

You can apply DCO throughout the whole customer journey. The results are best when Dynamic Creative Optimisation is applied to large audiences.

A complete solution to run Dynamic Video campaigns

Our Creative Management Platform has all the tools you need to quickly make alternative versions of your video ad. Every video on our platform is easy to use for Dynamic Creative Optimisation. After you have configured a creative you can easily generate a number of other variants with for example another call to action, or opening shot. Add content about Facebook

We offer DCO solutions for:


Use our Facebook integration to configure  dynamic video creatives and add them automatically to your campaign.


Use our Instagram integration to configure  dynamic video creatives and add them automatically to your campaign.

How to get started

Step 1: Build your creative

Use an existing video ad to start or create one from scratch in our platform with one of our highly configurable templates. Decide which video elements you want to adapt in every video version such as: Call-to-Actions, Pay-Offs, different opening shots or products.

Step 2: Generate your video versions

When your dynamic video creative is ready you can start generating the video ad versions. Our platform will automatically create unique versions if you have supplied the required data and content. You can generate manually, use our state-of-the-art batch tool, upload a CSV file / feed or use our API.

Step 3: Distribute your campaign

Create a new campaign and add your preferred placement channels when your dynamic video creative is ready and all videos are in place. Select the videos you want to test and you’re ready to go!

Step 4: Optimise your campaign

Facebook will start testing the different versions within your target audience once your dynamic video campaign is live. And d it will automatically optimise the ad delivery based on the performance depending on the defined campaign objective.