Multi-Format Video ads

Adapt your video to any format and any channel without extra costs

Optimised for every touchpoint

The growth of video has not only generated many opportunities, but also a number of challenges. The fragmented media landscape means that brands must be visible on dozens of devices, channels and platforms. Only Facebook already has more than 12 unique placements where an advertiser can display video. The challenge from all these unique formats is that when you simply crop your video to match the format it’s very likely that you will lose core information, like: CTA’s, logos and parts of your product shot or end up with inconsistent branding.

But where we are used to watch video in landscape mode, we now see a rise of different video formats. And with custom screens from DooH and LED, the amount of exotic formats will only increase

Improve branding

Stand out with high quality video ads optimised for each touchpoint with a premium look and feel.

Increase reach

Don’t let the amount of different formats stop you from running your ads where you want. Always have the right format available for every screen or device.

Increase brand consistency

Increase awareness for your campaign with maximum visibility in the most optimised way.

Save costs

Automate your video adaption process and save on production costs and time

What are Multi-Format video ads?

Multi-Format Video ads automatically adjusts your video creative to any other format.
The design is adjusted in such a way that all content elements are displayed as optimally as possible in the required section.

Think of titles, logos, buttons and other graphic elements, but also excerpts of video content or the positioning of products.

Because We adapt videos are dynamically build from different layers and elements, it can shift these elements so that the positioning matches the final video format better.

A complete solution for responsive video advertising

With the state-of-the-art template system our Creative Management Platform has all the capabilities to automatically adapt your video creative to multiple video formats based on a creative using the same data set.

With our platform you can build video ads in sets or multiple sizes. Select the desired sizes when you generate videos for your dynamic video ad,. The videos are then generated with exactly the same content, but the layout is adjusted and optimized to the preferred format. Scale text and products accordingly to each screen and situation.

Multi-Format Video ads


Facebook offers more than 10 different ad placements that can display video on mobile and desktop. Our platform automatically distributes optimised video customisation


As a mobile first platform, Instagram ads are heavenly depending on vertical and square video formats. Our integration automatically supplies the right video to the right placement


Make sure to adapt your video campaign to a vertical format since more than 70% of YouTube videos are watched on mobile

Digital out of Home

Our SaaS platform can automatically adapt your video creative to any of Digital out of Home screen sizes that are available within Dutch distribution networks

How to get started?

Step 1: Build your creative

Add a new creative using one of our optimised multi format templates. Decide which dynamic video elements you want to adapt in every version, like Calls-to-Action, Pay-Offs, different opening shots or products?

Step 2: Select which formats you would like to have

When you created your video creative you can select which formats our platform needs to generate for you. You can manually select formats or use our predefined format sets that are optimised for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Digital out of Home.

Step 3: Generate your video versions

When your dynamic video creative is ready you can start generating the video ad versions. Our platform will automatically create unique versions if you suppy the required data and content. You can generate manually, use our state-of-the-art batch tool, upload a CSV file / feed or use our API.

Step 4: Distribute your campaign

Distribute the correct videos automatically to Facebook, Instagram and programmatically to all leading Dutch Digital out of Home networks.