Personalised Video Marketing

Personalised Video Marketing provides brands the best options to start with 1-1 marketing

Attention and impact with Personalised Video

Video is the best way to tell a story. When you are able to link this to data insights and knowledge of your customer, you can also personalise this story. The more you know about your customer, the further you can personalise. With a personalised video you have  more impact and the attention of your target group.

Higher open rates

Stand out from the clutter of your customers inbox with e-mails containing personalised messages and images.

Increase engagement

Personalised video makes it easy  to engage with your customers on a truly personal level

More conversions

Personalised Video is a smart medium of presenting complex information in a clear way

Boost Retention

Reach your customers at the right time with personalised videos that reflect the state of their customer lifetime cycle

What is Personalised Video Marketing?

Personalised video is generated and focused on one-on-one  communication. By using customer data, a story can be told in truly/very relevant manner and information can be transferred.

In order to reach the customer directly, the videos are often shown on unique landing pages that are distributed via email or placed within a protected client portal. This also guarantees enough privacy so that the videos can contain personal data.


Personalised videos can also be highly segmented videos. They do not have to contain customer data. It can also be a relevant product offer based on purchase history and interest

A complete solution to run Personalised Video campaigns

Our Creative Management Platform has the scale you need to create and distribute hundreds or thousands of unique videos for your entire customer base. Videos can be created in a batch or automatically using our API.


Depending on the available data, videos from many different elements can be built. The smart template system from We adapt makes it possible to link dynamic content to every element in a video, such as: text, video, images and audio.


To further increase personalisation we can automatically deliver personalised thumbnails that can be embedded in the email to immediately attract attention. Or generate personalised GIFs to preview and tease your customer even more.

Personalised Video strategies for your customer lifetime cycle


From the moment you can approach your lead directly, you can take advantage of all the information you already know about him and make tailor-made offers or perform a personalised nurturing strategy.


Welcome new customers in a very personal way with relevant and easily understandable content. Reduce incoming support requests and give your new customers a flying start.


Make complex information transparent and enjoyable by informing your customer in a personal and visual way. Create different scenarios to improve customer satisfaction –Watching a video is much easier to do digest in comparison to text.

Customer care

Automate your customer care with the use of personalised video to help and guide them in every situation and with every question. Make sure your customer feels heard which leads to satisfied customers and lower costs.

Cross sell / up sell

Use your knowledge of your customers to promote attractive, customised offers in a fun and engaging way. Increase sales and strengthen the customer relationship at the same time.


Reach your customers at the right time with customised videos that guides them through every process in the customer’s lifecycle. Maintain contacts through customised service messages.

How to get started?

Step 1: From data to relevance

When you have defined your marketing objective you need to identify which data you have available to increase the relevance of your personalised video message.

Which elements can you use to win your customers attention so you can achieve you marketing objective. It can be  based on product interests, demographics or important service announcements.

Step 2: Build your creative

Use an existing video ad as a base or create one from scratch in our platform with one of our highly configurable templates. Decide which video elements you want to adapt in every video version like: Calls-to-Action, Pay-Offs, different opening shots or products.

Step 3: Generate your video versions

When your personalised video creative is ready you can start generating the unique videos you need for your customer base. Our platform can integrate directly with your CRM platform of choice or you can upload a CSV to generate a batch of videos.

Step 4: Step 4: Distribute your campaign

When your videos are ready, you can distribute them using your ESP of choice and use e-mail to direct them directly to personalised landing pages where each unique video is displayed. In case you don’t want to distribute the videos using e-mail, you can display them directly in your customer portal.