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effective ads

We adapt is a Creative Management Platform for video. It’s the central hub for brands and agencies to generate, distribute, measure and optimize dynamic video ads.

Increase effectiveness of ad spend with relevant ads that convert better

By dynamically generating unique versions based on demographics, location, device, product interest, time and USP’s you will have the most relevant video ad available, for any customer, in any situation.

Improve performance by dynamic creative optimisation

Our creative management platform automatically optimises ads efficiently by testing different storylines, voice-overs and call to actions during your campaign.

Revolutionise your video ad creation with one of our innovative solutions

We make dynamic video ad creation accessible to brands and agencies. By dynamically generating infinite versions, marketers have the power to create the optimum ad, ready to serve to each unique customer, in a measurable way.

For Facebook

Create and manage dynamic video campaigns in Facebook from our platform. Unleash the vast amount of targeting data available and create unique ads for each audience segment.
Adapt your creatives to specific placements or devices and optimize your budget to the best performing ads.

For data management platforms (DMPs)

Increase conversion through relevance without compromising your brand message. By integrating We adapt with your DMP you're always assured that you send the right message to the right person on the right time.

For E-mail

Lower churnrates and increase retention by listening to your customers. Our platform gives you all the tools you need for relevant and personalized communication to establish a 1-1 dialogue with your customers.

Join other forward thinking brands on our mission to making advertising meaningful again


Our creative management platform is a turnkey SaaS solution allowing marketers to create, measure, learn and adapt ads efficiently, ready to serve to the customer.


Our video ads can be driven by all kinds of 1st and 3rd party data sources. Or any contextual data type that ads more relevance to your brand message.


Use bespoke templates, that can be updated with any type of media; video clips, audio tracks, graphics, and 3D models.


We offer integrations with all major advertising platforms; from DMP's and CRM systems, to DSP's or Social networks.

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