Scale and automate the creation and distribution of your video ads

Our Creative Management Platform increases the Return On Investment of your video advertising. Easily create dynamic videos, use automation or data to adapt your videos to any version or format and distribute directly to your preferred channels.

Reduce go-to market time

Create the most relevant ads for your target audiences with our highly configurable templates.

Save production costs

Use automation to generate and scale the best ads with high pace and low costs.

Optimise ad spend

Get more out of your ad spend with dynamic ads that perform better.

Increase brand consistency

Adapt your video automatically to any format or channel to improve branding.

Creative Management Platform

Our SaaS platform is the central hub for brands and agencies to create and distribute dynamic video ads to online video, Digital out of Home(DOOH) and Facebook & Instagram.

Upscale your video production

Create videos easy and rapidly with our smart and highly configurable templates.

Adapt to any video format

Create cross channel storytelling and brand consistency with our multichannel ad formats.

Test your video message

Dynamically optimise your campaigns by selecting the best performing video creatives.

Keep your ads up to date

Update your video ads automatically using any data source.

Boost your video marketing with one of our dynamic video solutions

Dynamic Video Advertising

Combine the power of video with all detailed targeting capabilities that digital marketing has to offer.

  • Tailor your ads to your target audience

  • Use custom and contextual data to distribute the most relevant ads

  • Update your videos automatically using any data source

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Personalised Video Marketing

Personalised Video Marketing enables brands to reach their customers directly in the most engaging way.

  • Use CRM data to generate unique videos for all your customers

  • Distribute the videos using e-mail and unique landing pages

  • Always show up to date videos without re-trafficking

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Dynamic Creative Optimistation

The ultimate way to automatically test and optimise the performance of your video campaign.

  • Automatically optimize your ad spend

  • Create multiple version from one ad and test which one performs best

  • Use different CTA’s, video clips and edits

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Multi-Format video ads

Use our multi-format template system to create videos for every touchpoint.

  • Automatically generate videos for multiple formats

  • Distribute one video ad optimised for all placements on Facebook & Instagram

  • Maintain brand consistency on all marketing channels

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