Case studies

Programmatic Video retargeting for KLM

4 May. 2018

What do you see when you imagine your dream trip? Probably visuals of iconic places and beautiful views of landscapes. International airline KLM wants to inspire its visitors with these kind of inspiring clips to return to

The challenge? Create relevant messages for hundreds of flight routes to different countries, in the right language and currency, with the most recent price and conditions based on existing video material without making high costs.

With a custom made dynamic creative for KLM can generate thousands of video variations within minutes and several times a day, ready to traffic to specific segments via the We adapt ad server. The targeting of the dynamic video ads are based on profiles that are collected and managed in the data management platform of our partner Relay 42. To measure the performance of the campaign tracking pixels in the ad are used.

For this dynamic video remarketing campaign more than 800+ flights routes are managed with video ads. The consumer has a richer brand experience, because the creative matches its interest, country of origin and the offer is shown realtime. KLM sees a significant increase in CTR, it saves production time and costs.

After a successful pilot in the Netherlands in 2016, the always-on campaign got extended to other markets such as North-America, Brasil, United Kingdom, Germany and Norway in 2017 en 2018.