Dynamic Video Advertising

Dynamic Video Advertising is a perfect solution to combine the power of video with all detailed targeting possibilities that digital marketing has to offer.

Increase your ROI with Dynamic Video Advertising

Video is the most powerful and engaging ad format, but its time-consuming and costly production process limits brands to a one size fits all approach.


By dynamically creating video versions for each target audience, brands add relevance for their customers and increase the ROI simultaneously.

Increase performance

Get more out of your ad spend with dynamic ads that are more relevant and perform better

Activate your audience

Increase click through rates and quality of traffic when your audience is more engaged

Win back control

Manage all your (dynamic) video campaigns from one central place

Improve branding

Connect with your customers by addressing them in way that feels natural to them

What is Dynamic Video Advertising?

Dynamic Video Advertising gives marketers the opportunity to create multiple versions from their video ad where they can vary in creative and content so that the message aligns better with it’s target audience, or the context that the video is displayed.


In order to integrate Dynamic Video in your marketing strategy, you need to be able to create your video ads in a scalable way, and distribute them driven by data.


Our Creative Management Platform offers all the tools you need to generate different video versions in a scalable way. This can be done automatically with data, or manually, with our easy-to- use generator.

Platform made for relevance

Our Creative Management Platform is build from the ground up to offer brands one unified solution for Dynamic Videos Advertising.
Our SaaS platform offers all the tools you need to run your campaign; from design to distribution.


Generate your dynamic video’s using templates. For this we have developed a smart template system that offers the time-consuming process of making a video simplified, but with sufficient freedom to make a brand consistent video ad and connect it to the campaigns.


Different data sources can be used; of contextual data, such as time, place, as demographic data; gender, age, interest to user behaviour data, or CRM data stored in a DMP

Dynamic Video in the Customer Journey


Make impact in the most optimal way with relevant ads that connect. Adapt and translate your brand message so it relates and sticks to your audience.


Create video ads that Inform your prospects with relevant propositions and benefits that keep them interested


Use tailor made video ads to direct prospects back in to the buying journey. Create persuasive offers, that match their on site behaviour.


Make use of your knowledge about your customer and target him only with relevant information so he keeps loving your brand

How to get started?

Step 1: Identify your audience

Which key identifiers can you use to segment your audience in smaller groups that clearly standout from each other. Is it age or gender? Or localization

Step 2: Build your creative

Use an existing video ad as a base or create one from scratch in our platform. Decide which video elements you want to adapt in every video version. Are they Calls-to-Action, Pay-Offs, different opening shots or products?

Step 3: Generate your video versions

When your dynamic video is ready you can start generating the needed video versions. You can generate manually, use our state of the art batch tool, upload a CSV file / feed, or use our API.

Step 4: Distribute your campaign

Create a new campaign and add your prefered placement channels. Setup dynamic VAST placements that can be trafficked using your DSP. Or use our Facebook integration to run your Dynamic Video Campaign directly on Facebook or Instagram.